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1978 Excalibur Phaeton

This car was built for Sally Stevens and has a one off paint color, 1974 GMC Sand.

The owner recently passed and the car has been in storage at their lake home in Eau Claire, WI.

The car has 35,400 original miles and is original. Very clean car for a 46 year old car.

It was stored in the garage for some time and things were piled on it so the fenders have Knicks and scratches. Interior is in excellent shape as is the chassis. It will require the usual things for an old car, like rubber bushings, fuel lines replaced that are rubber etc. The brakes have been done, so it does stop but needs new hoses there as well.

This car is all there with both tops.

This is one of the nicer 45 plus cars we have seen as is the other 1978 we have for sale.

$38,500 reasonable offers considered.

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