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The Legend of Excalibur- Part 1

The House of Studebaker, which had been ailing for some time now due to the pressures of the three monstrous dragons, was in need of a champion. A champion who could design them a chariot to aide in relieving the enormous pressures of the encroaching dragons. The house of Studebaker knew that this chariot could very well be their last gasp.

They found a man revered by his peers and some say a legend in his own time, a man always thirsting for new and glorious challenges. And this man was King Brooks Stevens of the Great Lakes.

King Brooks had given his promise to the House of Studebaker to deliver unto them a chariot so grand it would cause the masses of royalty and commoners alike to pass by their humble booth at the Coliseum.

King Brooks summoned his sons, Prince David and Prince William, then little more than boys, unto his chambers. He told them of his promise and showed them his renderings for this grand chariot. He bade them to perform this daunting task of building this Grand Chariot, and they did so most eagerly.

When the fairest of chariots was complete, Prince William was commanded to deliver it for the House of Studebaker in the far off province of York. What happened next has become the stuff of legend and song…

It was late when Prince William arrived at the gates of the Coliseum. The Lord and keeper stood before him expressionless. He spoke of the accursed evils that had scourged the House of Studebaker. The new chariot for the House of Studebaker was turned away. For the House of Studebaker had forfeited the right to display the chariot.

Prince William sent a messenger to King Brooks about the news. Upon hearing the news, King Brooks called in a favor from the Gatekeeper. After some bartering, the chariot was allowed entrance, but was forced to sit in a small corner of the Coliseum where the food hawkers had their carts. This as it turned out was to be a blessing in disguise…

As the royals came to relieve their hunger and thirst they spied the little chariot sitting in the corner and wondered why this beautiful chariot was hidden away and who had built such a thing? Soon the little chariot was the gathering spot for many in the Coliseum, and they requested to have one for their own. They gave gold from their pouches pleading with King Brooks to build them this fine chariot.

As the night came to a close, King Brooks and his two sons saw a new beginning rather than an end.

So… from a high and burning cloud, King Brooks drew forth his sword of magic and threw it to his sons saying, “Take my sword “Excalibur”, the likes of which has never been seen, and with it go forth with a sturdy trust and build your future.”

By so doing, the sword’s magic powers became theirs and the young Princes became Kings. Their first proclamation was to name this chariot of chariots “Excalibur” and so a legend was born.

The chariots were beautiful, small and swift, with old world craftsmanship blended with the secrets of the future by the foresight of the kings’ wizards. They were a wonder to behold.

The chariots reputation was spreading like a wild fire. The orders for more chariots poured forth. The young kings devised a plan to make a new and more luxurious chariot after each 5-year reign. Each time the chariot was better than the one before. It was built with such craftsmanship, that it could not easily be destroyed. As the chariots grew older the royals relinquished their hold in favor of the newer chariots. The commoner saw this and snatched up the older chariots for they too had fallen in love with this wondrous chariot. Two decades had passed and their Excalibur Chariots had increased in number with each passing year and were renowned throughout the land.

So the Kings Stevens decided to create a new order of chivalry. They summoned their pages to their side and bade them go hither and yon to find civilized men burning with zeal and ideas, men who had achieved unattainable goals through hard work and dedication. “Upon finding these worthy warriors, beckon them to proceed directly to the Castle of Stevens beside the Great Lake.”

These men would then offer proof of their worthiness in a contest for acceptance into the Knighthood.

The Kings Stevens would knight each accepted man and in so doing these great men would become members of The Roundtable. And now a whole new generation of Excalibur Chariots would be born.

After many days and much toil, the Kings Stevens bade everyone welcome …… for the celebration was about to begin!!!!!!!!

The 20th Anniversary Series Excalibur was born.

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