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The Legend of Excalibur- Part 2

After many years of peace and prosperity, darkness had fallen over the land. People could no longer afford such luxuries as this grand chariot. The Kings Stevens became disenchanted with the rulers of the realms and decided to let others make this beautiful chariot in their stead. But the new makers of Excalibur chariots became careless and ignored the laws of the land. The Kings Stevens saw this and wanted no part of it. Soon the new makers were in trouble with the rulers and decided to offer it to another in a far off land.

This new adventurous man thought it would be a grand present for his son. But his son had no experience in such things nor was he concerned for the history and lore of Excalibur. The son had made many changes and produced many other trinkets he put the name “Excalibur” to. In doing this, the uniqueness that once was Excalibur had become diluted and stagnant. Alas, the Excalibur name became tarnished and dull.

The only bright spot during these dark ages was the Lady of the Lake. She took it upon herself to keep her beloved Excalibur looking and working as beautiful as the day they were crafted.

But when the Lady of the Lake had seen what was happening to her beloved Excalibur by the hand of the young prince from the far off land, she sought out the Kings Stevens and they gave her their blessings to take Excalibur back to Camelot. She was to make it her own and to keep it safe within her loving arms at Camelot. She took on this enormous task alone. She would not build these fine chariots but maintain the ones already built. Her knowledge of and passion for the Excaliburs was second to none. Excalibur owners throughout the world sought her advice and expertise. She wanted to be sure that the existing Excaliburs were brought back to their former glory, until the world was ready once again to enjoy the magic known as Excalibur.

Thus begins the Second Age.

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