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Just an FYI to all you folks looking for an Excalibur. Many people think lower miles is the best, that is not always the case. To keep a car in good running and driving condition with parts fully lubed etc. We advise everyone who purchases one to drive the car 1500 to 2000 miles each year. So take the year of the car you are looking at and multiply the age by about 1750 to 2000 miles and that should be the average for a car that has been properly used. So a car built in 1984 could have between 62,000 and 74,000 miles and be just fine.

When there are low miles even if the car was sitting in a heated building things have not been turning like bearings etc. Point being keep in mind low miles is not always a great thing.

1975 Excalibur Phaeton

1978 Excalibur Phaeton

1978 Excalibur Phaeton

1989 Excalibur Sedan

1989 Excalibur Limousine

Now you can list your car on our web site for $20.00 a month. Just send us the images and information. If your car sells to one of our clients you pay the commission. Call for details.

Most collectable of the Excalibur Cars

While all Excalibur cars are collector Automobiles. Some are more collectable than others and are much rarer than others. This is determined by the design, number built, power plants, and certain landmarks. The fact that we built less than 3500 automobiles in 40 years alone makes them all a collector piece. Here is a list of the most sought after Excalibur Automobiles. FYI: The Excalibur has been officially added to AACA as a factory built Antique Automobile as of 2007. They do not allow kit cars. RAREST COLLECTORS – most fun in my opinion are the early series cars. WE BUILT ONLY 97 CARS WITHOUT DOORS. OF THESE, 91 REMAIN IN SERVICE

  • No-Door Roadsters with super charger and 4 speed transmission we made 11 of these
  • No-Door Roadster with the 327/350HP engine and 4 speed transmission
  • No-Door Roadster with 327 & 4 speed transmission
  • Roadsters with 327 and Automatic or Dual Gate
  • Phaetons (4 seats) with 327/350 and 4 speed transmission
  • Phaetons with 327 and Automatic with Dual Gate shifter (his/hers) Series II cars have become very collectable as the years go by.

    Series II cars with Standard transmissions are more rare than the cars with automatics, but the big draw for the series II is the fact that it has the 454 Corvette engine. Roadsters off course are more rare than Phaetons as we built so few, and cars with cycle fenders as well.

    Series III cars are doing well in the over seas markets as well due to the 30 year rule. Again the roadsters of this series bring more because of the limited number built.

    Series IV cars have found a following for the Boomers over 50. They have all the comforts of newer car with power seats, windows and power assisted tops. So you have more protection from the elements. The Roadster again is most rare of these cars. The design of the tail and the fact that we were the only company world wide licensed to build a production car with a rumble seat make this a very nice piece for any collection.

    ANNIVERSARY CARS These will be 1984 only. Also known as the signature series they all have a number medallion on the car.

    > Roadsters – 12 were built and numbered. The number 1 car was the pace car at Monte-Carlo and was used for all promotions for the signature series cars.
    > Phaetons – 38 were built and numbered.

    SEDANS All Sedans are rare due to the limited production 101 Sedans were built with 9 stretched to limos in 1988 and 1989.

    LIMOUSINES Excalibur built Limos have far more value than the stretched sedans that were done by an outside company Excalibur built Limos have far more value than the stretched sedans that were done by an outside company. 13 Limos were built before 1990 and a few more after but we have no documentation after 1990. After 1990 some were built for Japan only and few more in the US through 1996. We are still looking into the actual number built and will post it when we do.

    1. For those who are looking for an easy to maintain car with power windows, seats, power assisted top, etc. that the parts are readily available for. I suggest a 1980 through 1984 Either Roadster (2 seats) or Phaeton (Seats 4). These cars have a 305 Caprice engine (Chevrolet) and a GM transmission and modified GM suspension. We have the records for these cars and are able to find all the parts. Some of these cars have had the engines replaced with the 350 or the LT1 with more horsepower than the original. Always have the car inspected either by us here at the factory (at your expense) or by someone who is knowledgeable about these cars. We do offer a service to fly for inspections or repairs.

    2. Always check the Vehicle ID number, with us to be sure it is a real car, not a replica. Excalibur never built kits to be mounted on Lincolns or anything else.

    3. The newer cars from 1985 to 1989 are not easy to find parts for and the records for those cars were not as detailed as the earlier cars. The suspension parts are all hand made and very costly.

    4. All cars from 1972 through 1996 that are Roadsters or Phaetons have removable hard tops and a convertible top that is power assisted after 1980. All cars that are called Sedans and Limousines are not convertibles and have a fixed top.

    5. Only cars from 1965 through 1979 have real working side exhaust pipes. 1980 and newer are for looks only.

    If you are interested in an Excalibur Phaeton built after 1980 decide how much you want to spend and what condition the car should be in. Remember you get what you pay for. If you are going to restore the car then buy the worst and cheapest restoration costs are the same for complete restoration no matter the condition. If you want to do only a partial restoration we do those as well and then you want to buy a nicer car.

    Do you want a daily driver that you will fix up as you go?

    Do you want a car that is very clean and maybe only needs to be freshened up? (new rubber parts) (very nice original) Belts, hoses, fuel lines, brake hoses, heater hoses, rubber bushings etc. for cars with power windows, etc.

    Step one – What kind of car do you want? Year? Series? Condition? What do you want to spend? What is your budget? What suits your personality?

    Step two – Decide the amount of money you want to invest in making it the way that you want it? How fast do you want it? The faster you want it, the nicer car you should buy so there is less cosmetic work to be done, and your money can be put into the mechanics. Are you planning to keep it and pass it down in the family?

    When we know the answers to these things we can find what you want in your price range.

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